Coc Coc Mobi

A fast browser that enhances your online experience

Enjoy your time online with a fast browser that allows you to block annoying ads, download videos & music, watch videos while browsing and transfer files from desktop to your mobile.

Fast & Secure

Personalized content newsfeed

Newtab 4.0 utilizes AI to recommend relevant content from top Vietnamese online newsletters to you based on your personal preferences.


Browse faster and cheaper with Adblock

Our built-in Adblock, enabled by default, recognises and automatically blocks annoying ads from loading. This help websites load faster and save your internet data.

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Download your favorite videos and songs

You can download video and audio to your mobile from almost all websites. Save your favorite media files and use them anytime, even when you don't have internet access.

Download video
Download audio
Download from YouTube
Download Video & Audio

Watch videos while surfing internet

With Cốc Cốc mobile, watching videos while browsing the web will never be a problem. Our Pin Video feature will shrink and pin the video screen on top of the browser, which allows you to browse online while watching video.

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Pin Video

Send files from desktop to mobile

* Install Cốc Cốc on desktop to use this feature

Too many steps to send files from your computer to smartphone? With our File Transfer feature, you can quickly send any type of file to your mobile without having to connect cables, upload to cloud servers or install any additional applications.

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Transfer Files

Other Features

Smart Search

Find football highlights, cinema schedule and weather information right on the search result page.

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Smart Search

Night Mode

Protect your eyes while surfing the web at night.

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Night Mode